Worre Studios

Las Vegas, NV

Project Overview:

In just 60 days, TMG Systems transformed 25,000 sq. ft. of new warehouse space into Worre Studios’ state-of-the-art live participatory media facility featuring a 4K, 360° LED stage that can display up to 2,744 individual guests.

Project Description:

We began the project by designing the fiber, copper, and audio system backbones and creating the video wall design. TMG Systems scope also included the fabrication of the ZOOM production area and video area which included over 80 miles of fiber and cabling. The stage is outfitted with aerial trussing, lighting, remote cameras, and innovative technology including CANVAS software and ZOOM connectivity for over 250,000 simultaneous users and a live studio audience of 250.

TMG Systems also completed the installation scope of work for Worre Studios which included the installation of the fiber, copper, and audio systems backbones, the ZOOM and video production area, Evertz UHD video routing, Lightware fiber switcher, Yamaha Rivage and Meyer Audio, Sony professional video displays, and APC backup power systems. Utilizing a 14-man crew, and working through the Thanksgiving holiday, TMG Systems pulled off this epic installation in just 21 days!