Safety is Our Top Priority

Developing Safe Work Environments

The Morse Group strives to provide a safe work environment at each of our work sites. Our commitment to safety starts at the top and extends all the way down to our apprentices. We are proud to promote a “See Something. Say Something.” culture where all employees are encouraged to report any safety concerns. We are committed to making sure everyone goes home safely at the end of the day.

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Safety by the Numbers



Year End 2023


The Morse Group has established a comprehensive safety and prevention program. The work performed by The Morse Group is varied, both in nature and location. Under all circumstances, it is the intent of The Morse Group to comply with all codes including EPA and OSHA. The Morse Group’s safety program ensures all employees work together to identify and correct hazards before they result in injury or illness.


  • Pre-planning through job hazard analysis
  • Provide mechanical and physical safeguards
  • Conduct audits of safety program and projects to discover and correct unsafe conditions and practices
  • Training all employees in applicable work tasks
  • Providing necessary PPE
  • Enforcing safety rules and assuring all employees cooperate as a condition of employment
  • Investigating accidents promptly and thoroughly
  • Implement and enforce a 5S program
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ISNETWORLD Member Contractor

ISN ID# 400-201027

As an ISN partner, our internal safety programs and our corporate policies and procedures are reviewed by ISN’s RAVS review and verification program for conformance with regulatory standards.

The Morse Group’s safety program includes a certified 3rd party 1,000-point system audit annually to assure safety compliance.