Dane County Airport Solar

Madison, WI

Project Overview:

Dane County Airport Solar is a 58-acre, 9 MW utility grade solar field located next to the airport in Madison, WI. The project team utilized prefabrication in order to complete the project in the tight three month schedule. We also worked with a vendor partner to prefabricate the 2,117 XLPE cables in order to improve efficiency and installation time. This single-axis tracker system should produce an average of 18 million kilowatt-hours a year. That equates to approximately 40% of the electricity consumed at county-owned facilities served by MG&E.

Project Description:

Morse Electric’s scope of work included:

  • Medium voltage collection wiring
  • AC and DC duct banks
  • Solar tracker drive and control wiring
  • Fiber optic and communication wiring
  • Set and wired the combiner boxes
  • Set and wired the inverters
  • Connected string wiring to 28,512 solar panels
  • Switchyard containing 4 central inverters
  • Weather station