Allegiant Stadium

Las Vegas, Nevada

Project Overview:

Allegiant Stadium is a new 1,750,000 sq. ft. sports stadium with seating for 65,000+ fans. The Morse Group began assisting on this design project in June of 2017 and continued on through installation to completion in September 2020. The scope of work consisted of electrical, DAS, Wi-Fi, security, fire alarm, and sound systems.

Project Description:

During the design assist process, our team looked for ways to economize, save, and streamline wherever possible. Morse Electric utilized BIM to implement many cost saving measures when installing the power distribution system. This included installing all electrical systems underground vs. overhead, saving valuable time in the schedule and providing a safer installation. Systems were re-evaluated as they were designed with cost-saving substitutions, prefabrication of components, integration of switchgear, and economizing the normal and emergency distribution systems. The time and effort that went into creating an accurate model paid off in spades when it came to field installation.

TMG Systems and Morse Electric joined forces to provide the low voltage systems at Allegiant Stadium. 1,700 Wi-Fi 6 access points were installed throughout the stadium along with 29 MatSing Lens antenna arrangements consisting of DAS, ODAS, and stealth antenna to provide the 4G / 5G service. 227 miles of fiber and 1.5 million feet of copper CommScope cable were used in the installation. Morse Electric provided connectivity to 10 levels of the stadium via 100G Fiber Backbone and 10G CAT 6A cable. In addition to the data system, we also installed 2400 HD monitors screens.