L2S2 Lilly Life Science Studio

San Diego, CA

Project Overview:

The L2S2 Lilly Life Science Studio is a revolutionary new approach to drug discovery. Fully automated modules are overseen by higher level automation software to complete processes faster and more efficiently than traditional methods.

Project Description:

The Lilly Life Science Studio was made possible by open collaboration from the many teams involved in the project. ASA’s scope of work included:

  • R&D drug discovery lab from concept through validation
  • Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, utility engineering, BIM modeling, mechanical assembly, control panel build, HVAC and utility piping, BMS integration,
  • Conceptual modeling and simulation
  • Building utility requirement definition and integration
  • Magnemotion transportation system design, build, installation, and validation
  • Workflow module design, build, installation, and validation
  • System visualization
  • Network architecture design and implementation
  • A/V camera system design and implementation for traceability and overall system monitoring