OrthoMidwest Surgery Center is a state-of-the-art, AI-enabled medical facility offering outpatient orthopedic and pain management procedures. Morse Electric’s scope of work consisted of installing normal and emergency power to the facility via (1) 550kW diesel generator and automatic transfer switches. Additional scope included interior and exterior lighting, lighting controls, rough-in and wiring of the O.R. sterilization equipment and lighting/monitor booms, fire alarm, and medical gas system, as well as the rough-in for data, security, and nurse call. The project began in February 2022 and opened its doors to patients in August 2023.

Reception Area

Reception Area

Reception Area
Extended Stay Patient Room

Extended Stay Patient Room

Extended Stay Patient Room
OrthoMidwest Operating Room

Operating Room

OrthoMidwest Post-Op Observation

Post-Op Observation

Patient comfort is top priority at state-of-the-art medical facility

From lighting to extended stay and operating rooms, every space within the OrthoMidwest Surgery Center is designed with patient comfort in mind. The reception area features lighting that promotes comfort and relaxation. The extended stay rooms look and feel like hotel rooms, while still containing the life saving and monitoring equipment one would expect in a hospital. The state-of-the-art operating rooms are specifically designed for orthopedic procedures. Post-Op rooms are arranged so nursing staff can safely and efficiently monitor several patients coming out of anesthesia simultaneously.

OrthoMidwest Utility Transformer and CT Cabinet with Temporary Power Skid

Utility Transformer and CT Cabinet with Temporary Power Skid

working around long lead times

Long lead times continue to be a challenge. OrthoMidwest Surgery Center was no exception. While Morse Electric was able to secure the emergency power generator (right) early on it the project, it would be several months before the permanent service gear and ATS’s would arrive. Securing the transformer was also problematic. To keep the project moving forward, Morse Electricians completed the majority of their work using temp power.

OrthoMidwest Setting the Generator

Setting the Generator

OrthoMidwest Electrical Room

Electrical Room 109

tight spaces

Like most facilities, space is a premium in the electrical rooms at OrthoMidwest Surgery Center. Dan and his crew did an excellent job maximizing space to provide electrical rooms that have a clean layout and easily accessible electrical components.


Dan Douglas has been with The Morse Group since 2011. With a small crew for this project, the team stayed focused on the task at hand and made steady progress towards completion. They took advantage of prefab where ever possible to maintain efficiency. For example, prefabricated pole bases allowed them to complete the site installation before the geotextile fabric was installed! Dan would like to thank his crew and the entire Morse team for ensuring this project ran smoothly.

OrthoMidwest Electrical Foreman Dan Douglas

Foreman Dan Douglas

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