Olive Garden 1

Unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks are coming to the Las Vegas Strip. Olive Garden’s $3.75 million restaurant is located on the third floor of the Showcase Mall (above Target) and is set to open on August 2, 2021. The restaurant features high end finishes worthy of a Las Vegas Strip marquee destination. Measuring in at 12,500 sq. ft., this Olive Garden location is approximately 4,500 sq. ft. larger than the average Olive Garden restaurant.


Morse Electric teamed up with J.M. Stitt Construction for the Olive Garden tenant build out. Morse Electric is familiar with the New Showcase Mall facility having previously completed core and shell construction for Burlington Coat Factory and Target. The Olive Garden restaurant features three distinct dining areas. The front dining area offers amazing views of the Las Vegas Strip. The large kitchen spans nearly the entire length of the restaurant in order to efficiently serve all three dining areas. Morse Electric’s scope of work for this project included the power distribution, mechanical/kitchen power, branch lighting, lighting controls, building management wiring, audio installation, POS cabling and CCTV Installation.



Olive Garden 2
Olive Garden 3

Three distinct dining areas

Olive Garden 4


The incoming electrical service for Olive Garden was installed in a dedicated electrical room. The electrical room was previously completed by Morse Electric as part of the core and shell project. This proved to be a big advantage for the build out of the Olive Garden space because it allowed for the electrical service to be installed much earlier than in a normal project. In order to avoid delays caused by long lead times, the owner prepurchased electrical distribution equipment through Carolina Products. Morse Electricians installed an integrated switchboard as the main switchboard which made the installation of the distribution panels and panelboards very efficient. These factors combined were instrumental in keeping the Olive Garden project on schedule.

Carolina Products Integrated Switchboard

Carolina Products Integrated Switchboard

Interior of the Carolina Products Integrated Switchboard

Power Distribution

Main Electrical Room


Jairo Limon has been with Morse Electric for 8 years and was the foreman for the Olive Garden project. Due to COVID-19, the start date for this project was pushed back to December of 2020. The most challenging aspect of this project was meeting the life safety requirements for the smoke removal system. Thanks to Jairo’s excellent leadership and close coordination with all parties involved, the project was able to stay on (or ahead!) of schedule throughout construction.

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