Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV

Miracle Mile Shops, located at Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas Strip, is 1.2 miles long and houses 170 tenants. Miracle Mile Shops originally opened in 2000 as the Desert Passage (attached to the Aladdin Hotel & Casino) and was modeled after an Arabian bazaar. It was renovated in 2007 when it changed its name to Miracle Mile. After nearly 16 years, the Miracle Mile Shops underwent renovations to both brighten and modernize the interior as well as draw visitors in from the strip. Morse Electric’s scope of work included upgrading the interior lighting to energy efficient LEDs, branch power for the immersive experience projectors and upgraded sound system to create the iconic indoor rain show as well as customer assistance kiosks and digital displays inside the mall area. Morse Electric also upgraded the power distribution system to accommodate the large format digital displays along Las Vegas Blvd.

Morse Electric Electrician Installing Recessed Can Lighting and Branch Wiring Associated with the LED Lighting Upgrade

Morse Electric Electrician Installing Recessed Can Lighting and Branch Wiring Associated with the LED Lighting Upgrade

Morse Electric Electricians Verifying Branch Lighting Circuiting

Derek Gillmore (Left) and Beau Rhienck (Right) Verifying Branch Lighting Circuiting

burning the midnight oil

Miracle Mile Shops remained open for the duration of the renovation. To accomplish this, work was completed overnight in phases. Close coordination with all the trades involved was paramount as the project progressed from one phase to the next. When the project wrapped up, Morse Electric electricians had worked the graveyard shift for three years!

Miracle Mile Shops New Interior LED Screens

Interior LED Screens

Miracle Mile Shops Interior LED Digital Display Screens on Ceiling

Interior LED Digital Display Screens on Ceiling

LED screens

To help the Miracle Mile Shops stand out amongst other shopping and entertainment options along the strip, the renovations included the addition of over 21,000 sq. ft. of LED screens. Over 20,000 sq. ft. of LED screens were installed on the mall’s exterior and approximately 1,600 sq. ft. of LED screens were added to the interior.

Miracle Mile Shops Rainstorm Show

Rainstorm Show

Miracle Mile Shops V Theater - Home to the New Elements Immersive Experience

V Theater – Elements Immersive Experience

Iconic las vegas experiences

Miracle Mile Shops is well know for its iconic indoor rainstorm experience. As part of the renovation, this immersive light and water show received many modern upgrades to the light and sound system. Two water walls were added to the show and feature images projected onto them. A second immersive experience was added to the Miracle Mile Shops. “Elements” can be viewed on the facade of the V Theater. This spectacular display joins together elements including fire, ice, and earth.

Morse Electric Foreman Dave Constanza


Dave Constanza has been a valued member of The Morse Group team since 2016 and was the Foreman for Miracle Mile Shops. Dave is no stranger to the Miracle Mile facility. He was also a foreman for the new central plant that was completed in 2022. “Being involved in this project and watching it morph from a dark, under lit mall to a bright, vibrant facility has been a rewarding experience. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Mall Operations and VCC on the Miracle Mile projects.” Congratulations to Dave and his crew for a job well done!

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