Miracle Mile Central Plant

The Miracle Mile Central Plant will provide power, heating, and cooling for the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood. Utilizing a central plant to distribute power and HVAC to multiple buildings allows for larger equipment to be installed and provides efficiencies that would not be obtainable with smaller, local systems. One centralized location also saves on overall operation and maintenance costs. The Miracle Mile Central Plant project is expected to be complete in November 2021.


Morse Electric’s scope of work for the project consisted of installing all the electrical components for the plant including a 1200-amp 12.47kV switchgear line-up, one 1500 kVA medium voltage transformer, one 2000 kVA medium voltage transformer, two 600-amp automatic transfer switches, and two 450kW diesel generators for back up power. The chiller plant and cooling tower installations are complete. Morse Electricians are currently working on installing the main switchgear section on the housekeeping pad, installing secondary feeder cabling, and running Nevada Energy primary conduits to the utility vault. Once this is complete, NVE will provide a new circuit for permanent power and Morse electricians will make the final switchover to the new permanent power source.

FM Dave Constanza Discussing Chiller Terminations with Electricians Derek Gilmore and Ben Lafave

Dave Constanza and Derek Gilmore Setting the Medium Voltage LI Switch/Meter Cabinet on the Pad

Dave Constanza and Derek Gilmore Setting the Medium Voltage LI Switch/Meter Cabinet on the Pad

Pump/Cooling Tower Gear

Pump/Cooling Tower Gear




The electrical equipment and gear for the new central plant is located on the lower level of an active parking garage with a valet entrance. This location presented several unique challenges from an installation standpoint such as height and weight restrictions, strict ventilation and exhaust requirements, and logistics for rigging the 14,000 lb. transformers to be set into place within a confined space. Shut downs were also required to re-feed the existing loop fed system with the new Nevada Energy service. In a city that never sleeps, it was imperative to minimize down times. This was accomplished through meticulous planning and close coordination with all facilities involved. Another challenging aspect of this installation will come into play when it’s was time to switch the power over from the existing Caesars Planet Hollywood Central Plant to the new medium voltage switchgear feeding the Miracle Mile chiller.

Chiller Pump Room

Morse Electrician Running Conduit on the Cooling Tower


Real estate is a premium on the Las Vegas strip and every square inch of space is accounted for. In order to move equipment into the space, Morse Electricians had to obtain traffic plans, lane closure, and encroachment permits from the county. Due to the existing underground utility infrastructure, potholing also needed to be completed to obtain a visual confirmation of underground utility locations and obstructions before work could proceed.

Orange Barricades Marked Lane Closures for Equipment Installation Staging

Orange Barricades Marked Lane Closures for Equipment Installation Staging


Foreman Dave Constanza


Jeff McCallum and Dave Constanza were the foreman for the Miracle Mile Central Plant. From day one of the project, Dave worked as Jeff’s right hand man. When Jeff retired in June of 2021 (after 23 years of service) Dave Constanza stepped in to complete the job. This shinning example of teamwork and collaboration allowed for a smooth transition of leadership and the project continued without missing a beat.



(60) 15kV medium voltage terminations were made by Morse electricians to complete this project

The Central Plant houses nearly 75,000 lbs. of switchgear and transformers

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