The Lincoln Academy is a K4-12 tuition-free public charter school founded on three pillars of success: Rigorous Academics, Career Exploration and Character Education. The 120,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art facility will be one of the cornerstones for the youth and families of our community for years to come. The first day of school for The Lincoln Academy scholars in grades 4K-2 and grades 6-9 will be September 1, 2021.


Transforming The Lincoln Academy from concept to reality in 18 short months was no small feat. Working with the general contractor, CCI, as part of the Design Build MEP team, Morse Electric completed the engineering and installation of the electrical service and branch wiring. In addition, Morse Electric coordinated, engineered, and manged multiple low voltage systems, communication, life safety, building access, and camera system to provide a turnkey building infrastructure solution. In addition to an expedited schedule, Morse Electric crews completed this project in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. This added a dimension of difficulty to the project in terms of available resources, unanticipated absenteeism, deliveries, shortage of materials, supplies, and equipment. Through excellent leadership and teamwork, Morse Electricians overcame these challenges to complete the project on time.

Lincoln Academy 02

Unique Light Fixtures Installed in the Library

Lincoln Academy 3

Message Centers and Security Cameras Installed Throughout the Building

Lincoln Academy 04

The Lincoln Academy “Lions” Gymnasium


Career exploration is one of the three main pillars for The Lincoln Academy. To promote learning, exploration and an overall questioning of how things work, The Lincoln Academy incorporated exposed ceilings that reveal architectural, electrical, and HVAC components. Morse Electricians installed 339,000’+ of feeder and branch circuit wiring and multi-conductor cabling in The Lincoln Academy. (That’s approximately 63 miles of wire and cable!) A lot of which can be seen in the wire basket tray throughout the building. The mechanical rooms feature a glass wall so curious minds can see inside.

Lincoln Academy 5

Exposed Mechanical Room

Lincoln Academy 6

Wire Basket Tray


The third floor of The Lincoln Academy features beautiful oak ceilings. In order to keep the clean, uncluttered look of the ceiling, Morse electricians installed all the conduit for lighting, personal safety devices, and wireless access points on the roof. Great care was taken when completing this complex installation in order to ensure all the lighting appeared straight from the inside of the building. If the conduit was even 1” off, it would show dramatically inside.

Lincoln Academy 7

Oak Ceilings on the 3rd Floor

Conduit Installed on the Roof

Lincoln Academy 9

Gymnasium Projector


Morse electricians installed several electrical amenities in the gym. Amenities include powered bleachers, basketball hoops, scoreboard, retractable partition wall, projector, and retractable viewing screen. Morse electricians also installed wireless access points to ensure all fans can share the action on mobile devices simultaneously.


The main electrical room for The Lincoln Academy features 2000 Amp 480/277 volt electrical service and a 200 kW generator (connected to automatic transfer switches) that supports critical and life safety power circuits. BIM played an important role within the main electrical room in terms of clash coordination between trades. It provided an installation road map for all trades to follow to ensure all necessary material could be installed within the space.

Lincoln Academy 10

Main Electrical Room

Lincoln Academy 11

BIM was Utilized During the Design Process for Clash Coordination

Lincoln Academy 12


Jason Cleasby has been with Morse Electric for nearly 9 years and was the Foreman for The Lincoln Academy. Since this was a design build project, construction can often move as fast as the design, and typical time-saving practices, such as prefab, are not an option. Crews also needed to be ready to switch gears at any moment. Jason believes we had the right crew working on this project. They matched the fast pace of the schedule, tackled quick design changes, and overcame challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic with ease and kept the job moving forward. “It was amazing to see a lot of local people working on the job and be a part of such an amazing charter school being built for our community. I would like to thank my project manager, Duane, for being available whenever needed and purchaser, Beth DeForest, for assisting with critical, last-minute orders, and last but not least my entire Morse Group crew. I wouldn’t be able to do this job without our hardworking, dedicated crew. They deserve most of the credit for all of it.”



65 different types of light fixtures
were installed in The Lincoln Academy ranging from everyday light fixtures to large, decorative fixtures


252K plus feet of wire
was installed for this project


87K plus feet of MC cable
was installed for this project


18 months to take this project
from concept to completion


ZERO lost time OR reportable accidents for any Morse electrician throughout the duration of this project

Mounting Bracket

Morse Electric designed a custom mounting bracket for the Positive Attendance Readers to make them more user friendly when mounted at ADA compliance elevations

The Lincoln Academy has been entered into the ABC of Wisconsin Projects of Distinction awards program.

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