The development of a COVID-19 vaccine is just one essential piece of the vaccination puzzle. While it is an important piece of the puzzle, in reality, without the ability to fill vials at a faster rate, store the vaccine (both individually and in mass quantities) and administer the vaccine to the population (needles and syringes), the vaccine itself is just a formula that can cure a disease.

This is where ASA comes in. ASA has played a vital role in the supply chain by assembling the components used in the manufacturing process to package the COVID-19 vaccine into vials for distribution to communities across the United States. ASA originally began working on vaccine production equipment assemblies for COVID-19 in May of 2020. Due to the critical time and sensitive nature of the project, ASA employees assembled different components that would later be combined to create the final product once the vaccine was approved.

To date, ASA has completed six shipments of machines that will allow for increased production and packaging of the vaccine.

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